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Planner 2024

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The Villã Concept launches its version of 2024 agendas inspired by an editorial style, and winking at all the fashion magazines that inspire us so much in our daily lives.

The agenda is presented as a blank canvas, waiting for your thoughts, your ideas and your dreams to fulfill.

Inside, this agenda reveals a system of organization, planning and balance, in addition to having pages dedicated to your goals and aspirations, your projects and desires. The agenda immerses you in a world where everything is possible. It will be a place where your thoughts find voice and your dreams dance without restrictions. You are the artist of your own narrative, and this agenda will be your instrument to turn it into a masterpiece.

Accompanying each month, you will find inspiring quotes from geniuses of all time, reminding you of the importance of each moment and inspiring you in your daily life.

We have made two versions of the agenda , capable of bringing together values ​​that are very present in Villã. The color navy is related to confidence, stability and calm. This color conveys a message of reliability and security, widely used in the business environment. The color orange is a warm color full of energy and vitality. It represents joy, creativity and enthusiasm as well as originality and liveliness.

This agenda is made up of a cover , engraved with a drawing of a coral and the characteristic logo of the brand. A back cover . Yearly, monthly and weekly view . And finally a hard cover , which gives the diary greater resistance to be able to carry it everywhere without damaging it.

Planner 2024
Planner 2024 Sale price39,00 €